Green Life Experiment, Week 14 (Hey, It's Toxic Out There!)

handing holding a bar of soap
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CafeMom user Science_Spot recently made the decision to go green in her household and blog about her green living experiment along the way.

This week she talks about how frustrating it is that she can't convince the outside world to be as green and nature-friendly as she is attempting to be at home ...


"It's been a challenge to control the selection of products in my home. Sometimes I read through the ingredients list too quickly and then purchase a product that isn't as natural as I originally thought.  Sometimes it's downright impossible to find a product natural enough for me to want (nail polish, for example). Even so, I have a lot of control over what we use in the house compared to outside the house.

"At work, I've stopped using the hand soap (detergent) they provide in the ladies room. I bought a travel soap dish and use that to carry a bar of real soap for my personal use. It's a little inconvenient to carry it everywhere. I am considering bringing in some liquid Dr. Bronner's, but I am afraid too many people will use it if I leave it in the ladies room.

"When my daughter is at school, she uses the detergent hand soap and antibacterial wipes provided. She buys her lunch once a week and I have no control over the ingredients in her menu selection that day. The only way I can keep some control is to limit that lunch purchase to once per week. We call it a compromise, something the whole family has been working on lately.

"An upcoming birthday party is going to put me to the test. Abby was invited to a spa and craft party. The girls will get facials, manicures and pedicures; they will also make their own jewelry to take home. I have no idea what products will be used for the facials, but I am sure I won't like it. The same goes for the manicures and pedicures. Should I buy some nail polish remover or let the polish grow out and/or wear off? Which is better?

"These things make me realize I can't control everything that goes on outside the home. I don't want my daughter to be excluded from activities because I decided to go natural. I figure I have reduced her chemical load greatly by making these changes, so I won't worry about the few exposures she is getting other places.  Easier said than done!"


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