Weight Loss at Easter: Torture or Talent?

Flickr photo by stevendepolo
Losing weight at Easter time is like trying to ignore the screams while you're Ferberizing.

A mix of pure torture and immense willpower. As a mom who did the latter and is working on the former, I've got to believe these tricks will make a difference.


Don't deny yourself everything:

We go candy-free on the Easter basket in our house to avoid temptations that are easy to reach, but we do throw some candy in the eggs for her Easter egg hunt. And we eat a few ourselves -- because as a recovering bulimic I can tell you complete and total denial only makes me want to purge down the line.

Decide what candy is a must have, and only buy that type:

There's no need to have a house full of every treat in the pastel rainbow. I'm a jellybean junkie (my parents used to call me Jeanne, Jeanne, the Jellybean Queen -- and no, you can't repeat that), and a bag of Starburst jellybeans is a must buy.

Set limits:

It's probably a bit Monkish, but deciding I will only eat certain colors in the jellybean bag has kept me many a time from devouring the entire thing.

When in doubt, use your freezer:

My second favorite Easter candy is the Cadbury creme egg, and I've discovered it freezes rather well. Which makes it possible to enjoy all that cremey goodness well after the holiday is over. The fear your favorites will go off the shelves can force you to gorge yourself (kind of like overspending on those headed for the vault Disney flicks). Freeze them, and the knowledge that they'll be there later will help you pace yourself.

What are your tips for trimming down at Easter time?

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