Personal Training Session: Bent-Over Rows

Taylor Ryan, head trainer for The Art of Weight Lifting and the Charleston, South Carolina-based Fat Blasting Boot Camps for Moms is The Stir's personal trainer, here each week to help us get in shape.

This week she continues to work our arms and back for bikini season (which is, e-gads! just three months away) with Bent-Over Rows.

Don't forget to check out this weeks healthy eating tip below while you're wiping off the sweat ...


Diet Tip of the Week:

Follow the 90/10 rule. In other words, cheat! Once in a while, at least. Many women fail to hit their diet goals because they often feel deprived. It's impossible to stay on a super strict calorie-cutting, deprivation diet for long.

A better long-term goal is to eat a low-fat, complex carb diet 90 percent of the time and allow yourself a little treat, like a bowl of chocolate ice cream or a quarter sleeve of cookies, 10 percent of the time. Eat it, feel good about yourself, and the get back to eating clean!

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What part of your body needs the most "work" lately?

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