Getting Fit With Squash on Wii

Not my arm! Flickr: Photo by ~ggvic~

I suck at the Wii. There. I said it.

I will never be the top scorer in our house -- or any house for that matter. But man, I love me some racquet sports. Which is why, despite a review I read that literally said Wii Racquet Sports "kind of sucks," I gave it a try anyway.


Why? Frankly, it's the only "sport" I seem to be any good at. I have actually won a game or two against my uber sports guy husband on Wii Tennis.

And my new obsession is Wii squash -- one of five games on the Wii Racquet Sports game. I may not be good at it, but I can feel the arm burn baby.

Considering I have zero upper body strength -- even when I was in my top shape and taking karate I was always weak up top -- it's a substantially more pleasurable way to build up than dropping to the floor and giving you 100.

And the "party mode" for this game seems to be the best way to play it -- so I'm getting a little arm action while I bond with my family.

Are you any good at the racquet sports?

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