Weight Loss Surgery Favored by 8 of 10 Women

Flickr: Photo by alancleaver_2000

Weight loss surgery has changed many lives, but a recent British survey that reveals eight out of 10 women would prefer to let their surgeon fix their weight problem instead of making lifestyle changes can be summed up in one word: disturbing.

I'm not bashing the people who have opted for the surgery -- friends of mine included. But when it's not doctor recommended, just something you're talking about in a survey, ladies, it's time to get a grip.


I say this as someone who has battled her weight since childhood, who's a recovering bulimic. I've been there, done that, have the fat pants and awful pictures to prove it.

I'm not an anti-fat crusader by any means. And I'm not particularly thin.

But I'm also realistic about what is wrong with my body. Some of it is genetics -- I come from good old German stock that has given me big bones and childbearing hips. I will never be a size 2. Some of it is an online job that keeps me pretty sedentary in front of a computer.

And some of it is my own doing. Which is why a month ago my husband and I made some radical changes in our diets, why we've vowed to take advantage of the impending spring to get off our butts and start walking again.

Frankly, it sucks trying to get back into shape. It's about as fun as watching the same Bob the Builder DVD seven times in a row (come on, you've been there, haven't you?).

But unlike the 34 percent of women surveyed who would opt for liposuction, 26 percent for gastric bypass, 8 percent opting for a tummy tuck, I'm willing to sacrifice a little to gain a lot.

Like some self-respect. Some good modeled behaviors for my daughter. And my favorite jeans back from the depths of my closet.

Would you hoe the easy row or do it the hard way?

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