Woman's Fat Goal Makes Me Sick

woman measuring her stomach

This story about a 600 pound woman who's decided to give up dieting and eat herself into oblivion is not one I should have read right after my lunch consisting of a fast-food burger, fries, and black-and-white shake. Or, maybe it is, because now I'm feeling extra guilty about all those fat and calories.

Donna Simpson, from New Jersey, is just 42. Her goal is to eat as much as possible -- 12,000 calories a day -- and move as little as possible -- she uses a scooter if she has to walk more than 20 feet -- until she reaches her goal of 1,000 pounds, reports AOL News. That would earn her membership in the "900 Club" and make her one of the fattest, if not THE fattest, women on the planet.


The tragic part of this story is not that this women clearly has mental problems or that her arteries are likely on the verge of seizing up, but that she has two kids! At least one is a toddler.

In 2007, she was the fattest woman ever to give birth, according to AOL News, requiring 30 doctors and nurses to assist in the high-risk delivery. (I'm a little curious how she even managed to have sex in the first place, but I guess where there's a will there's a way ...)

Obvious statement of the decade: What in the world is this woman, this caretaker of two beings more important than herself, thinking? Does she not realize that she probably won't live long enough to see her kids graduate elementary school? Most of the world's fattest people died off at a much earlier age than she is at present.

Handicapped people are great mothers and find ways around their disabilities to care for their children, but choosing a scooter to chase a toddler around the house? Intentionally missing out on playing hide-and-seek and monster chase at the playground?

In addition to dealing with the loss of their mother at what will almost certainly be a fairly young age, I can only imagine the current eating habits of those poor children and the future of health and emotional problems that await them.

Note to self: Do not browse the news sites until at least an hour after lunch, because now I really have a stomach ache.

What motivates you to stay healthy -- your husband, your kids, something else?

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