Even Gwyneth Paltrow Is Short on Sleep

gwyneth paltrow

Photo by Getty Images for Laureus

Gwyneth Paltrow might be an Oscar winner, but even the celebrity mom says she's short on sleep.

In a recent entry on Goop, Apple's mom admitted, "Basically everyone I know is knackered, me included." 


And when she says "everyone," she's really talking about women. It turns out we're twice as likely as men to have difficulty falling and staying asleep.

I recently read that pregnancy worsens altered sleep patterns, which made me wonder -- are they talking about the nine months when your body can't decide if it wants to remain on the couch conked out (see first trimester) or get up 17 times a night to use the toilet (see also third trimester)? Or are they referring to the next 18 years of no sleep that pregnancy leads to?

Because as much as we love them, we lose a lot of sleep over our kids, and as Gwyneth points out, that lack of sleep leads to "negative cumulative effects of sleep deprivation (aging, hormonal imbalances, etc.)."

Her personal doc has weighed in on Goop with some ways to get better sleep, and I can tell you switching off who gets to sleep late on weekend mornings works wonders in our house. My husband and I take turns getting up alone with our daughter, which adds some extra one-on-one bonding time too.

What are your tricks for getting extra zzs?

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