Get Kelly Ripas Perfect Arms

Kelly Ripa and Marc Consuelos
Photo by Stephen Lovkin/Getty
Kelly Ripa has killer arms, it's no wonder she was recenlty named "Best Arms" in and Gold's Gym's first-ever Hollywood's Hottest Bodies Awards.

Look, just look at them. Not a batwing in sight.

Want her secret?


Yeah, she works out. Hard, But it's what she does that makes the difference: Consistent toning with weights that work all the different muscles.

You know how we go to the gym and work a few biceps because it's the easiest and seems to produce an instant result? The key to that full-length sculpted look is working all the muscles, according to Gold's Gym trainer Mike Ryan in U.S. Weekly.

He gives some arm exercises to try, including bicep curls, 21s, and tricep kickbacks. Want more? Pop back and check out The Stir's personal Trainer Taylor Ryan series of arm exercises on video.

What's your favorite arm exercise -- do you break out of the mold?

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