Introducing Mom, Interrupted — The Search for Balance Between Family, Work, and Everything Else

mom with two toddlers

Photo by Linda Sharps

Recently I got a very sweet email from a woman asking how it is I manage to find time each week to get everything done. I blushed a little as I started reading, feeling totally flattered that someone actually thought I had my life in order—then I came to this question:

When do you do the ironing?

Iron-ing? Is that . . . is that the thing where you take that hot whatchamacallit (hmmm, the name is just on the tip of my tongue) and you rub it on your clothes? For the purposes of removing wrinkles? Because, see, I thought the way you dealt with wrinkled clothing was to 1) let everything flop around in the dryer for about an hour until you forget all about it because Survivor is on and is it just me or is James like a total ANGRY JERKFACE this season, like he had a personality transplant or started using STEROIDS or something, then 2) pull the congealed clothingball out two days later and think oh well, at least I don't actually own anything nice.
Everyone's got different priorities, is what I'm saying. Anyone who seems like they're doing it all is probably hiding some secrets, like the fact that they've never once in their entire life vacuumed under the fridge. Or that sometimes in order to shorten their crappy commute and get home in time for dinner they maybe sort of occasionally jump in the high-occupancy lane, which is, of course, totally illegal and I would never ever condone such an activity.

This blog will generally be focused on the never-ending challenge of trying to juggle everything in our lives so we can do the things we want to do. Please note that it will NOT be from the perspective of someone who thinks they are an expert in such matters, HA HA HA HA *ahem*, but rather, my various musings and wailings about things that work for me, things that don't, and all the stuff in between.

If we haven't met before, hello! My name is Linda, and I'm the mother to two amazing little boys: Riley, who's 4.5, and Dylan, who just turned 2. I live in the Seattle area, where I work 4 days a week as a copywriter for a software company. I'm an avid blogger, a half-decent cook, and I love taking and editing photos. I'm also going back to school part time and training for my first marathon.

I have lots of things that are important to me, starting with my family, and unfortunately only 24 hours in a day to focus on it all. Plus, there's the annoying factor of having to do a bunch of things I don't particularly enjoy, like driving to and from my job, keeping the house halfway clean, and taking care of various ongoing minutiae like buying milk AGAIN, why are we ALWAYS out of milk, WHO IS SHOTGUNNING ALL THE MILK? (Hint: they're short, loud, and luckily for them, adorable.)

In other words, I'm probably a lot like you. I hope you come back to visit, and join me in talking about the ups, downs, and creamy middles of looking for that elusive life balance.
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