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    Have you ever found something old and gross underneath the sofa cushions? Well ... imagine finding something old and gross in a much more delicate place. Surgeons recently found a 10-year-old sex toy in a woman's vagina. She's freakin' lucky to be alive.

    You're probably wondering at this point: How the? What? How did she? How did they? Well, I'm glad you asked. Here's how you end up harboring a sex toy inside your lady cave for a full decade. I think you'll find there's an important lesson for us all to learn from this story.


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    Are you SO HOT this summer? You could spend more time indoors in the air conditioning -- IF you want to be just like everybody else. But maybe you'd like to cut your electric bill. Or maybe you're just so darn creative, you feel compelled to stay cool in refreshingly creative ways.

    Well, today is your lucky day, because we have 11 weird, wacky ideas for chilling when it's hot outside.

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    Whether you’re trying to lose weight, get strong, or just want to feel better, there’s one healthy habit most moms are missing. Even when you’re working out consistently and watching what you eat, skimping on sleep can derail all your good intentions.

    Yes, it's true. Sleep is the one thing all humans need to survive, and it can be the answer to lasting good health. Perhaps you remember it from your pre-kids days? It’s that activity that lasted beyond six in the morning on the weekend. 

    In case you need convincing that sleep should be a priority for you, here are four reasons sleep is so vital, as well as practical tips on getting more -- and better -- sleep.

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    You have big plans to go to the gym after work today. You arranged someone to be there to take care of the kids, you packed your gym bag, you piously said no to after-work drinks with your colleagues. Then 6 p.m. rolls around, and, well ... maybe the kids need help with their homework tonight after all. Or your boss is going out for drinks, maybe you should go along too. Or you’re exhausted after a long day, and didn’t you read somewhere that you’re more likely to get injured exercising when you’re tired?

    Chances are, you already know when you’re making excuses because you just don’t feel like working out. But are there actually times when it IS a good idea to skip the gym? Yes, there are -- and here’s the personal trainer take on what’s a valid excuse and what’s NOT.

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    Have you ever been stranded without meds when your period hit? Or tried to go without pain killers because you thought you could handle the menstrual cramps on your own? I ask like these are terrible misfortunes or masochistic stunts -- and that's because I have a history of crazy insane painful cramps. So when I hear "natural remedies for menstrual pain," I usually roll my eyes and say, "Yes, and also tell me about flying monkeys." I mean, is holding a hot pad over my abdomen really going to do anything?

    But hey, you never know. That's why, skeptic though I am, I'm willing to try some of these "natural" menstrual cramp pain relief alternatives to my favorite (legal) drugs.

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    Remember the name Kacy Catanzaro. She has just become the first woman ever in history to advance to the finals of the show American Ninja Warrior. If you have ever watched the show, then you know what an incredible feat this is, especially for a tiny little 100-pound, 5-foot woman. And yet that is EXACTLY what Catanzaro has done.

    For those who have never seen it, American Ninja Warrior makes even Ironman competitors look like slouches. Contestants must complete insane obstacle courses that test every muscle in their bodies. It takes agility, speed, endurance, and incredible arm, core, and leg strength just to get to the competition. Awesome athletes fail. Regularly.

    And that's why Kacy's historical run is so amazing. Even if you don't watch the show, this is so inspiring, both for women and for anyone who has ever been told they "can't." See for yourself:

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    Anyone who wears contact lenses knows the fears associated with them. After all, we're touching our eyes every morning. It's kind of gross, when you really think about it. But none of us could have been prepared for the horrifying story out of Taiwan that represents all those nightmares in one: 23-year-old Lian Kao, a student, is now blind after a parasite ate her eyeballs because she left her contacts in for six months.

    OK, so we ALL know you're not supposed to do that. I have been wearing contacts for 25 years and have only slept in them once or twice. But most of us also know people who sleep in their contacts almost every night, right? Maybe not for six months, but for a lot longer than they should.

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    Hey everyone, great news! A men's magazine has just given us permission to age. It's official: 42 is no longer "tragic." That's what modern, totally enlightened New Man Tim Junod writes in an article-length back-handed compliment titled "In Praise of 42-Year-Old Women" in Esquire magazine. Apparently we can still be hot and funny and OLD at the same time. And you know what? On behalf of all 42-ish women out there who came thisclose to the brink of tragedy, I CANNOT WITH THIS. There is absolutely, positively, ZEROdy-nothing new about 42-year-old women being sexy and compelling. Nada!

    I could drop the mic and walk right there. But because I'm on the verge of getting my period (insert sitcom laugh track), I have more to say. Here are some of my favorite lines from Junod's article.

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    Ahh, the scale. You’ve had a great week of getting your workouts done, and eating healthy, and you step on the scale with excitement building -- how much will you have lost? Three pounds? Maybe four?

    Cue horror music as you look down and see the same number you remember from last week or, even worse, higher. But the reverse is true, too, when you’ve ... um ... "forgotten" a couple of workouts, and then the kids wanted to make cookies, and don’t forget the pizza. When you check your weight on the scale, certain that you’ve gained, doesn’t it feel amazing to see a surprise loss? 

    Why? Why are we tying our mood, and our self-worth, to a number on a scale? "Duh, because I’m trying to lose weight!" I hear you say. I’m here to tell you: The best way to lose weight safely and maintain your weight loss, is to forget about the scale. Get rid of it, seriously. Here’s why ...

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    Jessica Alba used to be known as that pretty actress with a fired-up male fan base, all so quick to cite as their top celeb crush. But these days, the 33-year-old entrepreneur, founder of The Honest Company, has found a following in other women, especially fellow moms. Obviously, we all want to know how -- particularly while juggling a thriving career and two daughters, 6-year-old Honor and 2-year-old Haven -- she stays in such amazing shape.

    The Stir recently caught up with Jessica at an event for ZICO Coconut Water in New York City,  and she shared what she really does to stay fit. Believe it or not, Jessica's confession is one even the busiest mom will be able to relate to!

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