Dad Uses Trip to Chuck E. Cheese To Teach Kids an Epic Lesson About 'Real Life'

Kenneth L. Womack
Facebook/Kenneth L. Womack

We give kids an allowance to at least try to teach them the value of a dollar. But recently, Kenneth Womack wanted to make a family trip to Chuck E. Cheese count and decided to use arcade tickets to teach his young kids about the value of money and hard work.

  • Unlike most trips to the "kid casino," Womack took his kids to the prize desk first.

    Just like when we want to buy a new car or, God forbid, need a new washing machine, all adults know that there is a price to pay for the things we want. That can be a hard lesson to teach kids -- especially little ones who most likely aren't putting up the cash to pay for Netflix.

    This is why, on his Facebook page from January 2, Womack said he wanted his kids to really understand that the prize they wanted was 3,500 tickets BEFORE they went to play.

    "I told them if you want that, you’re gonna have to get enough tickets to buy it ([t]his relates to money and material things)," he wrote.

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  • The dad then unleashed them for 100 minutes of free play in the arcade.

    Which, the dad explained, was sort of like sending his kids off to work -- although most of us don't get to play Skee Ball and Whack-a-Mole for a living.

    "They started to run wild and have fun and as they brought me back tickets I stopped them when they had 64 minutes left so they could eat and I can talk to them," he continued.

  • Womack used the break to explain to his kids that they needed to "work harder, not smarter."

    "I told them that at the rate they were going and the games they were playing while bringing the tickets they were bringing, that they wouldn’t be able to get what they wanted," he wrote. 

    Of course, his kids didn't like that news.

    "So they asked 'Daddy how do we get a lot of tickets?' so I said to them 'Work smarter not harder.'” 

  • He then took them around the arcade and showed them which games will maximize their tickets (ahem, income).

    Which, the dad explained, was how he demonstrated to his kids how they could use knowledge and occupational change to their advantage. Sure, he admitted, this isn't as fun as being allowed to play games willy-nilly, "but they understood that they had to do it to get what they wanted."

    "So they hustled and by the time it was over they had 4138 tickets," he continued.

  • That little bit of bonus tickets meant the kids could get the treat that they wanted, plus something extra: candy.

    Which is a very sweet (literally) way to learn how hard work and dedication can pay off.

    "When they got done getting their prizes and we got in the truck I told them in life there's gone be things you can’t afford starting out but with hard work, determination, discipline, and studying you will be able to get what you want," he wrote.

  • Womack's post has been shared hundreds of times and people were beyond impressed with the lesson he taught his kids.

    "Amazing job Kenneth," one person wrote in the comments. "A life lesson they may never forget. Keep instilling those values, positively will make a lasting impact on them as they grow."

    "Ooooh can you be my father too please! Lol" a second person joked.

    "GREAT TEACHER, EVEN GREATER FATHER," a third person wrote. "Hats off to you sir. Great lesson to teach your kids nowadays. Mad RESPECT."

    It just goes to show that teaching your kids life lessons doesn't have to be boring. All it takes is a little creativity.