Michael Bublé Hands Mic To Fan During Concert And Is All Smiles When She Starts Singing

Michael Bublé surprises concert goer
Inside Edition

A woman experienced the moment of a lifetime when she attended a Michael Bublé concert at New York City’s Madison Square Garden. Erin Bellucci is a junior at the University of Delaware, where she studies music education. The 21-year-old attended the concert with her sister, Allison, and experienced a life-changing moment.

It all started when Erin returned home from school during Thanksgiving break — her sister told her she had a special opportunity lined up for her. Allison works in public relations and had a client looking for a live singer. Allison knew Erin would be perfect and set it up. Erin sang at a New York City a wine bar. One of the evening’s onlookers approached Erin and encouraged her to come to see one of her shows. She handed Erin a business card, which is when Erin found out she’d been speaking to Michael Bublé’s executive stylist.


The woman instructed Erin and her sister to email her the week before Michael’s Madison Square Garden gig and she’d get them tickets. Erin was excited, as she’d been a longtime fan of the singer. It all went as planned, which is how Erin ended up right in front as Michael asked the crowd about the songs they like to sing in the shower. Erin and Allison got his attention, and Erin got to tell him her chosen shower song was Etta James’ “At Last.”

When Michael handed her the microphone, she belted out the tune and stunned the audience, including the stylist backstage. Watch her incredible performance in the video!

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