She Puts Abandoned Dog In Car And Drives To Groomer At 12AM To Shave Off 2 Years Of Matted Fur

Dog with matted fur
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A woman named Mary was in a parking lot trying to catch a lost cat when a group of ladies happened to pull up with a dog in bad condition. They’d just rescued the pup off the highway and saved him from getting hit by a car.

The filthy, unkept dog was so horribly matted he couldn’t see through his tangled fur. Plus, he could neither walk nor wag his tail.


Mary posted photos of the poor dog on Facebook begging for someone to take him in, at least for the night. That’s when Kari Falla, a dog groomer at BGE Grooming in Oviedo, Florida, rushed to the salon alone at midnight for the urgent situation.

Kari heroically worked on him until after 3 a.m., removing an estimated two years’ worth of fur growth.

Hours later, the dog — now known as Lucky — was completely changed.

But Kari went above and beyond. She contacted a local vet who gave Lucky his injections, neutering, teeth cleaning, laser eye procedure and antibiotics.

Then, Zachary Blair saw the Facebook post about Lucky and decided to give Lucky a loving forever home.

“It really took a village,” Zachary told Channel 9. “A bunch of strangers trusting each other and working together to save an animal in the middle of the night.”

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