Doctor Thinks Soldier Husband Is Deployed Overseas Only to Discover He’s Her New Patient

Soldier husband waiting in medical office
Inside Edition

Joshua Splinter works as a family physician for the Texas Army National Guard reserve. For the last five months, he was deployed overseas in the Port of Africa.

While Joshua was gone, his wife Alice — also a doctor — moved their family to another city and finished her residency there. Alice was tasked with working, raising their kids, and adjusting to a new community, all by herself, while Joshua served our country.


Then one day, Joshua learned he was able to return to the states earlier than he planned — but he decided to keep the good news a secret from his wife.

Instead of telling her about his new schedule, Joshua and his friend planned a very special surprise for the unsuspecting doctor.

The couple continued speaking over the phone, just like they always did, but Joshua pretended he was still deployed and thousands of miles away.

In the clip below, Alice is under the impression she’s about to meet with a new patient. When the office door swings open, there he is…

“It took a second for me to take it in,” Alice told Inside Edition. “I honestly almost passed out.”

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