Doctor Performs 'Surgery' On Patient's Teddy Bear & the Internet Exploded With Love


A doctor from Halifax, Nova Scotia, has touched hearts all across the Internet today, not to mention had the best first tweet in the history of Twitter, after he shared a photo of himself giving an 8-year-old patient's teddy bear a little TLC. And in this case, that means Teddy Love & Care

Dr. Daniel McNeely shared an adorable snap of himself making a quick teddy repair before heading into surgery, and now folks on the Internet are absolutely smitten with this doctor's choice to go the extra mile.

  • McNeely first posted his heartwarming pic to Twitter, and believe it or not this was his very first tweet!

    The tweet, which has been liked more than 28,000 times and retweeted more than 13,000, has people gushing online. But there is actually a very touching story behind the sweet snap. 

    According to the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, McKneely was operating on 8-year-old Jackson McKie -- a tough little guy who was facing a day in surgery to have a shunt repaired for a brain condition called hydrocephalus. 

    Nervous about the procedure, McKie asked his doctor if his bear, Little Baby, could also have some sutures. And McNeely was happy to oblige. He diagnosed Little Baby with an acute case of "tear under the arm" and though he doesn't have any traditional sewing skills, he gave the bear a quick repair.

    Luckily for us, McNeely shared this incredible act of kindness online, and people kind of lost their minds over how sweet this was.

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  • One person remarked that they loved that Little Baby had a mask on while in "surgery."

    To which the doctor joked that he put the bear in a neonatal mask to "protect his anonymity."

  • And another person yukked it up, asking if the procedure was covered by insurance.

  • But mostly people were very overwhelmed by McNeely's kindness as a medical professional.

  • Jackson's brother Dustin even responded to the tweet, thanking the doctor and calling him "a life saver."

    Both Little Baby and Jackson made it through the surgery in good condition. And Jackson's dad, Richard, told the CBC that his son's doctor "made us feel better about being there."

    McNeely explained that he wasn't looking for Internet fame when he posted the picture. "I just thought I might make some people smile somewhere."

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