People Are Paying Tribute to Teachers Who Had the Biggest Impact on Them & It's So Inspiring


Who among us doesn't have at least one teacher who inspired them, made them feel comforted, or went out of their way to help? Even though they're often underappreciated, teachers play a huge role in our lives. They do a job that is invaluable. Even the simplest of kind words or the most subtle actions by a teacher can completely change the outlook impressionable students have on their education, their lives, and themselves. Hoping to shed light on all the amazing teachers out there, a Twitter user asked people to talk about the teachers that impacted them the most -- and the results have been super inspiring. 

  • NBA writer Matt Moore asked his followers to share their most memorable experiences with impactful teachers.

    He also talked about his own teachers. While he admitted that he had several important educators during his time as a student, the two that stuck out the most were educators who inspired him to put more effort into his work and encouraged him to "shut the hell up and listen."

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  • So many people had anecdotes about "no-nonsense" teachers who weren't afraid to use tough love to get talented kids on the right track.

  • Some people credited their teachers with completely changing their outlook on life.

  • Others spoke of teachers that inspired them to become educators themselves.

  • And many of the teachers mentioned used unconventional methods to make learning more interesting.

    Another person recalled her teacher forgoing lesson plans to ask students about their opinions on current issues. "She wanted to know our feelings during a time when adults didn't really care what we thought," she said.

  • Some people's answers were a little less serious but no less important.

    Even the smallest and most hilarious teaching moments matter.

  • Seeing so many former students show appreciation for their past educators got many teachers emotional.

    Some said that it was nice to actually hear that all the hard work teachers do doesn't go unnoticed by their students. 

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  • Other teachers said the thread gave them the inspiration they needed to fall in love with their jobs again.

    Super inspiring and also pretty damn funny at times, this Twitter thread pretty much cemented everything we already knew about teachers. The jobs of educators are often thankless and it's always amazing to see people who are willing to speak up and commend them for the difficult but incredibly important work they do.

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