Little Boy Fighting Stage 4 Cancer Asks for Christmas Cards & His Request Is Going Viral

cancer patient asks for christmas cards
Michelle Thompson Simard/Facebook

It's always amazing when people band together to perform incredible acts of sheer goodness. Whether it's helping out a community or sending love and support to a sick child, we never get tired of seeing people show love for one another. In the case of one 9-year-old cancer patient, his special request was met beyond expectation when he asked people from all over the world to send him Christmas cards.

  • Nine-year-old Jacob Thompson was diagnosed with high-risk neuroblastoma when he was only 5 years old.

    This year, on October 11, he was admitted into the Barbara Bush Children's hospital in Portland, Maine, where doctors discovered that his cancer had spread, making it incurable. 

    In hopes of giving their son one last Christmas, Jacob's family decided to "fast-forward" through the year and celebrate the holidays early. Jacob also revealed to his mother, Michelle, that he wanted people to send him Christmas cards to aid in their celebration.

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  • Word of Jacob's wish spread pretty fast.

    His request has drawn attention through social media, local and national news stations, and many online publications. 

  • Even celebrities reached out to help Jacob receive as many Christmas cards as possible.

  • People like Anna Kendrick, Jake Tapper, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Rob Lowe made vows to send Jacob cards themselves and encouraged their followers and fans to do the same. 

  • It wasn't long before the cards came pouring in.

    There have been homemade cards from entire schools, adorable crafts from kids happy to have made another new friend, and countless adults inspired by Jacob's strength. 

    "We got over a hundred, and they're from all over the world. We have some from the Netherlands, from Australia, from Denmark," Jacob's stepmother Tara Artinyan told CNN. "We've heard from all over the world at this point. We've even heard from Antarctica."

    Along with the cards also came plenty of Christmas gifts and visitors to the hospital where Jacob has been staying. 

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  • As of now, Jacob has received over 30,000 cards.

    And the gifts aren't expected to be stopping anytime soon. Some companies are even helping those who want to send their own Christmas cards to Jacob.

    Through November 12, Shutterfly is allowing people to make a free card using the code "CARD4JACOB."

    Whether you send them through a company or make them at home, you can send cards to Jacob at: 

    Jacob Thompson
    C/O Maine Medical Center
    22 Bramhall St.
    Portland, ME 04102

    You can also help his family with the costs for Jacob's funeral by sharing or donating to their GoFundMe campaign

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