This Dad's Before & After Pictures Are What Body Goals Are Really Made Of

body after becoming a father

The vast majority of our focus on "post-baby bodies" centers around moms, weight loss, and the idea of "getting your body back." While there's definitely nothing wrong with that, we should be a bit more real with ourselves. Those first couple years of parenting are hard enough without having to focus on whether or not you're eating too many Pop-Tarts and not enough kale. This dad is redefining what a good body after kids looks like, and we love him for it.


Reddit user hsbaugh shared a fantastic before-and-after photo in the r/pics subreddit. In the first image, he appears young, clean-shaven, and very trim with his shirt off in either tight underwear or swim shorts. In the second, he's laid out on the bed smiling brightly next to his son, beer in hand, and his body decidedly "less fit." 

before and after becoming a dad

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The caption on the photo reads, "145lbs to 180lbs married with 2 kids in 4 years!"

In many circumstances, these before-and-after photos would not only be met with a certain degree of sadness from the person posting them, but plenty of ridicule from those who viewed and commented on it as well. 

Luckily, neither this dad nor the people of Reddit are disappointed. The new father seems to love his dad-bod, even going so far as to give his fellow Redditors tips on how to achieve their own the same way he did. 


Others in the forum took to complimenting him.


Some even pointed out their nipple similarities -- LOL.

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In a world constantly pressuring people -- especially parents -- into losing weight in order to achieve ridiculously arbitrary goals, it's always nice to see folks loving and embracing themselves as they are. His post might have been shared for laughs, but we have no doubt that this dad encouraged some others to accept themselves with his photos. Even without all of the sappiness, we will always have time to appreciate a good dad-bod. 

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