Bride's Important Message After Groom Saves a Drowning Child on Their Wedding Day

groom saves drowning child
Hatt Photography

After Brittany and Clayton Cook exchanged vows in an intimate London wedding, the newlyweds headed over to a local park with their photographer for some couple's shots before rejoining the party. However, their photographer ended up capturing more than just their wedded bliss when the groom disappeared in the middle of their shoot. 

  • The couple was posing for photos along the water in Victoria Park when Clayton went from groom to life-saving hero.

    Darren Hatt of Hatt Photography was taking pictures of the couple when he had the groom step aside so he could get a few photos of just the bride. Earlier, they had noticed a few kids playing nearby, and when Clayton stepped out of the frame, he noticed one of the kids push another young child into the water.

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  • Without hesitating, Clayton jumped into the river to save the drowning boy.

    "By the time the bride noticed and shouted out, Clayton had already jumped down and brought him to safety," Darren wrote on Facebook. "His quick action saved the little guy who was struggling to swim. Well done sir!"

  • Before the groom's fast rescue, Darren explained that the child was in serious danger.

    Things could have had a drastically different outcome if Clayton hadn't looked over when he did. "The kid was underwater on his back," Darren told CTV. "He ingested water and there was mucus coming out of his nose. It was scary. [The boy] was struggling. It could have gone unnoticed."

    According to the London Free Press, the child stayed with the newlyweds for a bit before being reunited with his family.

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  • After ensuring that the boy was okay, the soaked groom returned to his bride and enjoyed the rest of their reception with an unforgettable story.

    The photos of Clayton saving the child in his three-piece suit with a look of compassion across his face have quickly gone viral and the newlyweds hope that this sweet story serves as a reminder to parents. "Thank you all for your kind words for my husband," Brittany posted on social media. "We only hope this kid is OK and that this is a lesson to all about keeping your kids safe, especially around water."