Dog Totally Ruins a Perfect Family Photo & It's Hysterical


When one family had a recent picnic outside San Francisco's iconic painted ladies, they knew they just had to document the occasion with a family photo. Usually getting kids to smile for pictures is the hardest part of taking a group shot, but as the Skehan clan found out -- don't ever underestimate the dog.


If the phrase "T.G.I.F." brings back fond memories of Friday nights spent watching Full House and debating which Tanner sister you wished you could be, then you'll understand why writer and photographer Donal Skehan and his parents just had to take a family snap in the same park across the street from where our favorite fictional family lived. Everyone was really excited to take the photo, Skehan explained on Instagram. Especially the family dog Max. In fact, Max got a little too excited. 

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dog bites crotch during family photo


Skehan says Max loves Skehan's dad more than anything, and when he saw Dad jumping for the shot, he got worked up and decided to grab on to his favorite person by the only body part the was available. "Puts a whole new meaning on 'crotch shot'!" Skehan wrote in the photo's caption on Instagram. "Does anyone have any ice?"

This picture is obviously hysterical, but still, you've got to feel for Skehan's dad in this situation. No adult man really wants to throw his hands up and jump in the air for a photo that's clearly meant to go on Instagram. He doesn't have an Insta account. He doesn't care about likes or hearts. He just wanted a nice lunch with his family, a walk with his dog, maybe a nap in the grass.

Instead he decided to be a good sport, and what did he get for it? His bangers and mash got chomped, and the moment got documented to be remembered forever. If that's not bad enough, the family is also joking about making the photo this year's holiday card.

man and his dog
Donal Skehan/Facebook

Skehan says that in spite of #crotchgate, Max and his dad are still best buds. No blood, no foul. "My dad would like it pointed out that he was wearing low crotched shorts and that Max has a very gummy bite and that the family jewels are all still in tact!" he wrote in a Facebook update.

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We're glad to hear that no testes were harmed in the making of this photo. And the next time Skehan's dad suggests a boring, everyone-smile-at-the-camera family photo, might we suggest everyone agree? Because if you look deep, deep into Max's eyes, you can tell -- he's a feisty one. 

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