Mom Breaks Down After Daughter Gifts Her a Teddy Bear With Her Late Husband's Laugh Built-In


When you lose a loved one, it's the little things you miss the most: the hugs, the smiles, the laughter. That's why when Paola Lopez's mom, Danira Quijada, recently celebrated her birthday after losing her husband to cancer, the thoughtful daughter knew exactly what to get for her mother.


In a post on Twitter, Lopez writes, "After 32 years of marriage, cancer took my dad away. So we got [my mom] a bear with his laugh on it for her birthday."

Lopez shared a heartwarming recording of her mom opening the gift and bursting into tears when she gave the bear a squeeze and heard her late husband's belly laugh ring out.

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Lopez also posted the video on Instagram, where she included this incredible message to her mom:

"Happy birthday to the strongest woman I have ever met. You have gone through the worst losing your husband to cancer, putting up with all of our family problems over the years... you know what it's like to have everything and you also know what it's like to lose it all, and no matter how hard your struggle is you remain humble and kind you have taught us how to help and love people, you're the definition of a boss ass woman, this world needs more people like you! I am so blessed I get to call you my mother."

Since Lopez shared the sweet footage of her mom, it has, of course, gone viral. Thousands of people have retweeted the video and responded to Paola's tweet to send well wishes and tell her how moving it was to watch her mom open such a thoughtful gift.

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Of course, nothing takes away the pain of losing someone you'ved loved for 32 years. But hopefully this incredible gift -- and the loving family by her side -- will bring strength to this mom and help her feel like a little piece of her husband is still right there beside her.

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