How Strangers Came to the Rescue After This Navy Wife Missed Her Husband's Deployment

officer george weaver
Love What Matters/Facebook

For this San Diego wife, the worst just about happened. As Kathryn Weaver's husband, Naval Officer George Weaver, was leaving on a ship for his deployment, she suddenly realized she was at the wrong location to say goodbye. 

  • When she realized her mistake, Kathryn rushed to her car to drive to the correct spot, but when she got there the ship was already taking off.

    In a post on the "Love What Matters" Facebook page, Kathryn writes, "I started running with my 'I love you' sign in hand. I didn't want to miss my last chance to see my husband off. I was running as fast as I could trying to chase after the ship to hold my sign up for George to see. I realized I wasn't going to make it and I started crying while I was running."

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  • Then the miraculous happened: a stranger who was riding his bike offered to give her a lift to help her get to the front of the ship faster.

    Woman posing next to sailor
    Kathryn Weaver

    The cyclist pedaled as fast as he could for nearly a mile to get Kathryn closer to the ship. Unfortunately, it was too late. The ship was too far gone and she was left without having said goodbye.

    Kathryn tells CafeMom, "After this happened, I felt crushed. Every thought raced through my mind about my missing him. I thought, 'Well, what if he doesn't know how hard I tried?' 'What if he doesn't come home and I never got to say my last goodbye?' 'What if he doesn't know how special I tried to make that day for him?'"

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  • That's when a kind stranger came over and said, "You look like you need a mom hug."

    Kathryn and George Weaver
    Kathryn Weaver

    Kathryn writes on Facebook that this woman hugged her "for a good 5 minutes." She also offered Kathryn her phone number in case she needed anything. 

    As Kathryn turned to walk back to her car, she writes, "Yet another wonderful woman ran up to hug me. She offered support and encouragement told me I would be OK. She told me her wife was on the ship and gave me her contact information as well and offered a helping hand and support if I ever need it."

  • Since Kathryn shared her story, it's amassed over 21,000 likes on Facebook, as well as comments from fellow navy wives, praising their community.

  • When CafeMom spoke with Kathryn, she said she agrees that the navy community has been incredibly supportive to her. "They welcome you with open arms," she said. "They are there to support you. They are there to be your shoulder to cry on."

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  • However, not everybody reached out to offer support. Kathryn confessed to CafeMom that her story did attract some haters.

  • But most importantly, Kathryn tells us that George was completely understanding.

    Wife holding hands with sailor husband
    Kathryn Weaver

    Kathryn eventually told George what happened in a letter. "He told me it broke his heart not that I missed him, but that I was upset about missing him," she tells CafeMom.

    Kathryn and George were high school sweathearts who married shortly after graduating. George has been in the military for two years, though the two still have a deep bond.

    Kathryn tells us about her husband: "[He's] my biggest supporter and has loved me unconditionally. Deep down I kind of knew he would understand"

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