Watch as Strangers Come Together to Save a Baby & Toddler From Drowning

Texas car rescue
David Schechter/Facebook

One of parents' biggest nightmares is to find themselves in a frightening situation that not only compromises the safety of their children, but leaves them helpless to save them. Phillip Ocheltree is a Texas dad who experienced this horror after his car overturned during a deadly storm that left his children trapped inside. Thankfully, Good Samaritans were able to save this dad's infant and toddler -- and the entire story will make you hug your children a little tighter.


Shared on WFAA-TV journalist David Schechter's Facebook page, witness Tom Mitchell's incredible footage shows the valiant effort of strangers fighting rising waters to save Ocheltree's small children trapped inside. Rescuers were able to free Ocheltree's baby son Marshal first, whose body looked so lifeless as he was pulled from the car, before saving 2-year-old Addyson.

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Though this video is extremely hard to watch, it shows how amazing the heart of people can be -- and all we can accomplish -- when we come together to help others in need.

TEXAS TORNADO: When good samaritans arrived, an infant and a 2-year old were nearly dead. These strangers saved their lives yesterday, near Myrtle Springs. For more info: Tom Mitchell)

Posted by David Schechter on Monday, 1 May 2017

Mitchell's rescue video has received 14 million views on Facebook and continues to resonate with so many people -- including Korry Prox, one of the heroic men who assisted Dad on April 29.

Texas car rescue baby toddler
David Schechter/Facebook

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David Schechter/Facebook

First responder Monica Ashlee took time to praise the unnamed woman on the scene who prayed "Dear Jesus, please let this baby breathe," as Good Samaritans performed CPR on baby Marshal.

Texas car rescue baby toddler
David Schechter/Facebook

Though Phillip's children were rescued from the rising waters, his daughter Addyson remains in stable condition at the Children's Medical Center in Dallas, where the little girl continues to fight for her life.

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"... She [Addyson] is stable and doing much better," the dad wrote in a Facebook update. "Still under sedation but pulling the breathing tube in the morning to see if she can do it on her own. All scans and tests say it looks promising, we seriously cannot thank all of the friends, people family everyone that has been with us thank you all for your support and prayers the man upstairs is hearing them loud and clear."

Update on addy bug,she is stable and doing much better. Still under sedation but pulling the breathing tube in the...

Posted by Phillip Ocheltree on Sunday, 30 April 2017

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Wow ...

As a mom of two little ones who once called Tornado Alley (my husband and I just moved from Oklahoma) home, I find that the sound of the tornado sirens and flood waters bring back memories. I can only imagine how Phillip felt trying to do everything in his power to protect his babies from danger, only to find himself in this life-threatening situation.

And yet, my heart is filled with so much joy thinking about all those amazing people who stopped at the sight of an overturned vehicle -- not knowing a baby and toddler were trapped inside -- to lend a hand and be so relentless to free those children.

... Because looking outside of yourself to help others is what it's all about.

My thoughts and prayers are with the Ocheltrees, as I hope little Addyson will be able to leave the hospital sooner rather than later.

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