Watch This Incredible Firefighter Catch a Baby From a Burning Building

firefighter makes life-saving catch
Fox News/YouTube
Talk about a hero! A courageous and confident firefighter saved an infant's life when he caught the tiny bundle after the baby was tossed from the second story of a burning building. What an amazing act of bravery.


Few people would be able to react as quickly and with such guts, knowing that their decision would mean life or death for this child. Fortunately, both this child's father and firefighter Robert Sutton were clearheaded and ready to do whatever possible to prevent the child from perishing as the apartment in which the baby lived was engulfed in smoke and flames.

Incredible! Take a look. 

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"He was a little guy, so when I heard his father yelling 'Help,' and saw him hanging out the window with the baby in his arms, I just went into action. I just did what any of the other firefighters out here would have done. I just said, 'Drop him.' He did and I am blessed to have been in a position to catch the baby," Sutton told Atlanta-based Fox 5.

Master plumber Larry Carter, who caught the stunning rescue on his phone, described Sutton's heroic act: " ... the one guy just caught it like a football pass. It was something to see," he told the news channel.

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Needless to say, everyone is extremely proud of Sutton, including his captain, Tom Burrell, who thinks this story will illustrate to the public the hard work being a firefighter entails.

"It's good training," Burrell told Fox 5. "It's years of experience and having a good sense of situational awareness. I'm just really proud."

If it hadn't been for Sutton, this story might have had a tragic outcome. In addition to being brave, the firefighter, who's been with the Dekalb County fire department for a decade, is also incredibly humble. 

"I grew up in this community and it's just an honor to be able to help people here and work with the great guys I work with. We do this together and I'm just happy and blessed to be able to help that father and his baby. It's our job," Sutton told Fox. "I'm just glad they were both okay."

So are we!

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