How Dove's 'Real Moms' Campaign Perfectly Captures Motherhood

two moms with babyDove US/YouTubeWhen it comes feel-good advertisements that speak to the heart of celebrating positive body image and individuality, Dove has a fairly awesome track record -- that just got even better. The company's latest #RealMoms campaign for Baby Dove features several women talking about what works for them -- and standing up for what they believe in as moms, damning the label "perfect" in the process. In other words, they're saying that there's no one "right" way to parent.


For instance, one first-time mom named Jazzie, a stay-at-home mom "figuring it out as I go," explains how family members want to weigh in and tell her how certain things are done. But she says she wants to stand her ground. Looks like it's working: 

mom, dad, baby in bedDove US/YouTube

Meanwhile, Shea, a grad student who appears alongside her female partner (both below), explains, "We are both his biological parents .... We're both going to be moms!" 

two moms with babyDove US/YouTube

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And a rock climber named Jackie (holding her baby here) shares, "I don't think I could be the mom that I want to be without climbing in my life. It keeps me who I am."

mom holding babyDove US/YouTube

Then there's single mom and tech manager Seung, who shares that she's raising her son on her own. "I'm happy where I am, and I get to make my parenting decisions on my own," she reveals.

mom reading to childDove US/YouTube

These are just a few of the moms whose lives we get a glimpse of in the empowering ad. And there's so much to love about even the few details that they're sharing about their perspectives on motherhood. 

Because, mommy-shamers aside, what mom hasn't heard from a well-meaning friend, a family member, a coworker that she should be doing this, not that? At the same time, there's so much pressure to be on your A-game at all times.

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Hearing these women share their truths and their stances -- knowing that they're standing up and saying, "The perfect way to parent is how I am choosing to do it" -- is nothing short of awesome! Cheers to Dove for featuring their stories and encouraging #RealMoms everywhere to trust their own way -- no matter what motherhood looks like for them. 

Here's the ad in full.

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