This Grandpa's Birthday Gift to His Granddaughter Is Really a Gift to All of Us

grandpa's gift to granddaughter
Have you had a good cry today? You're going to need some tissues for this one. A teenager's tweet has gone viral after she shared photos of a gift from her grandpa. The sweet-hearted granddad wrote out records of their adventures together from when his granddaughter Lauren was ages 2 to 5, and he held on to the notebooks full of stories to share with her on her 16th birthday.


The first edition is called Papa's Story, and it advises future Lauren, "just starting this so someday you might read it for fun ... It's going to be a day to day record of you and me."

granddaughter tweet

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Go ahead. Click through those photos and let out your awwwwww -- the rest of the Internet has already done so, with responses ranging from GIFs of Stephen Colbert sobbing to gems like this:

grandpa gift goes viral on twitter

And this: 

grandpa gift viral twitter

In an age when we're used to photos of the Kardashians going viral or Twitter threads turning vicious and mean, there's something sweet and wholesome not just about Grandpa's notebooks, but also about how people are reacting to them. People are being kind -- to Lauren, to her grandfather, to one another. There's a sense that at the end of the day, people really do appreciate the little things, the homemade gifts, the quality time spent with a loved one.

There's no doubt that after peeking at the photos, more than a few folks are pulling out their phones to call their own grandparents, or pulling out photo albums to reminisce about times gone by with the people we hold dear.

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We don't get many reminders to slow down and appreciate the little things, especially not on the Internet of all places, but seeing a teenager rendered -- in her words -- speechless and then seeing people's stories of love and kindness today is the perfect way to start a weekend.

And if you've got young kids in your life -- grandkids, nieces, nephews, maybe even your own kids -- a word to the wise: They don't need "stuff." A few notes on your adventures is enough.

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