Target's New Swimsuit Campaign Proves Unretouched Bodies Are Flawless

Denise Bidot Target adDenise Bidot
When it comes to shopping for swimwear, many women cringe at the mere thought of it. Often, our own insecurities are made worse because we compare ourselves to the airbrushed models in advertisements who sport those stylish suits. Thankfully, Target has launched a swimwear campaign that celebrates the female body in all its glorious forms, and -- making it even sweeter -- the photos are completely unretouched. If you want to see what natural beauty really looks like, keep reading.


Model and body positivity activist Denise Bidot, mom to an 8-year-old daughter, Joselyn, posed in a flattering two-piece and wasn't afraid to put her tiger stripes on full view. Look at this stunning mama.

Target models Denise BidotDenise Bidot

Modeling a different but just as cool suit, Bidot posted a photo of herself to Instagram with the hashtag #TargetSwim and the caption: 

"I am shining bright in my swimsuit from @Targetstyle. I love colors and the lace up sides. This suit has just the right amount of pop to make me feel sexy and confident this summer."

Isn't that what we all want?

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Television host and model Kamie Crawford also shared this gorgeous shot of the criss-cross style that really looks amazing on her. It's so nice to see real women represented in this campaign. Every woman can see herself in these suits.

target models kamie CrawfordKamie Crawford

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If you're an active mom on the go, you want a suit that can keep up as you're chasing toddlers into the surf or catching them as they leap into the pool. Pro skateboarder Lizzie Armanto proves that swimwear should also be versatile and ready to move with you. 

Target models Lizzie ArmantoAxel Cruysberghs

Social media star and dancer Megan Batoon wore this stylish suit that straddles the line between revealing and reliable. 

Target models Megan BatoonMegan BatoonThis isn't the first time Target been inclusive and real in its ads and received plenty of love from fans and consumers. In its Halloween costume ads in 2015, the retailer featured a child on crutches with prosthetic legs, and won the hearts of parents who want their kids to see themselves reflected in ads. 

For women and moms who maybe feel as if they're left with few options or need to cover up because they don't see themselves in catalogs or in magazines, this is so refreshing.

It's empowering for all of us to see that beauty isn't defined by only one standard, that you don't have to fit an exact mold to be considered absolutely perfect, and that Photoshop is not required in order to look flawless.

Let's hope more retailers follow suit. 

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