Hairdresser Who Went Out of Her Way for Child With Autism Is This Mom's Hero


For children on the autism spectrum, some routine activities that might not seem like a big deal to us are extremely challenging. Waiting in line, visiting a dentist, or even getting a haircut can be unpleasant experiences for both kids with autism and their parents. So it's no wonder one mom is thanking a hairdresser who went out of her way to give her son with autism the kindest cut


Jennifer McCafferty shared the heartwarming photo of her happy and relaxed 4-year-old sitting in the lap of the sweet woman who works at Sport Clips in West Virginia's capital city and will no doubt be his forever-stylist. 

She told the Huffington Post that when her son Isaiah had a meltdown due to too much sensory stimulation, hairdresser Kaylen helped him find "his quiet, safe space." 

"She wasn't fazed by his screams; she understood his fears," McCafferty told HuffPo. "She figured out where it was he needed to go, which just so happened to be the floor, and she took him there."

It's no surprise that this endearing photo of Isaiah cuddled up as hairdresser Kaylen gives him a trim has gone viral. How adorable are these two?

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As many parents know all too well, service providers who are willing to go the extra mile for kids -- especially ones who are differently abled -- are often all too hard to find, making it that much sweeter when you stumble upon such kindness almost by accident. 

For parents of children with special needs, in addition to seeing how anxious their kids are in certain situations, there's the added discomfort of having to hope that the person whose services you need is compassionate. Sometimes it's enough to make moms and dads want to bail on the mission completely -- which is just how Jennifer felt before meeting Kaylen. 

"I was ready to give up, but she wasn't. She sat on the floor with my baby in her lap, and she cut his hair. They talked about Dory and Christmas, and she even let him spray her with her water bottle," she captioned her photo. 

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After sharing her story, McCafferty told the Huffington Post that she believes it could offer hope to other parents who are always on the lookout for someone who's willing to accept their special kids exactly as they are. 

"I want them to realize that even though it can feel like it, they are not alone. I want everyone to see just how much love and kindness matter," she told the site.

This mom beautifully expresses the way so many parents feel. 

"Autism can be so very, very hard, but people like this make our days just a little easier," she wrote in her caption. 

This story is an awesome reminder that a little bit of kindness can mean so much more than any of us realize. 

Something tells us Kaylen is about to get a big boost in her clientele!  

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