Students Surprise Teacher With Gift He Wanted & His Reaction Is Priceless


In case you were feeling a bit Grinch-y from the demands of the holiday season, here's a story that will warm your icy heart. A California-based teacher received a pair of Vans from his class after he admired them on a student on the first day of the school year. The sweet moment of surprise is captured on a video that will remind you what this season is really all about -- giving.


Taylor Kerby, who teaches psychology at Edgewood High School in West Covina, was truly touched by this thoughtful gesture after he learned that his students had chipped in $2 each to buy him a pair of the kicks he coveted. (Seriously, how could a cool Cali guy like Kerby NOT have a pair of these in his closet?) 

You can tell he's excited to open his present -- but he doesn't know what's inside.


Look at how thrilled he is with his students' thoughtfulness. 


His surprised expression is priceless! 


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He clearly cannot wait to try 'em on! 


Now the other foot...


He's looking pretty rad (and happy)!


What a cool guy! Check out the video, posted by student Dyani Heredia-Urias, who told the Huffington Post that two of her classmates, Faye and Olivia, organized the cash collection and gift giving. Students presented Kerby with his new shoes at the beginning of class. Listen to hear his adorable reaction!


Kerby told the Huffington Post that he was sincerely touched by the gift

"I had no idea they were planning anything. I found out later that they had planned it on a day when a they had a substitute. When I returned the day after the sub had written a scathing report about how talkative and disruptive they had been. In retrospect I'm glad I didn't give anyone a detention," he said. 

So sweet! 

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Being a teacher can often seem like a thankless job, and working with teenagers day in and day out can't be any picnic, so it's especially sweet to know that these kids went out of their way to show their instructor how much they care. 

Based on his reaction, it looks like the students got a great lesson in the concept that giving is better than receiving. 

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