Dad Narrates Daughter's Beauty Vlog & the Results Are Exactly What You'd Expect

meggs and bacon/YouTube

Of course there are plenty of men who know their way around a buffer brush and a bronzer kit, but it's probably safe to say that most do not. We expect them to fumble around terms and panic at the sight of an eyelash curler, but we did not expect one beauty blogger's dad to be so funny about it. However, someone had the genius idea to let him narrate his 13-year-old daughter's makeup tutorial, and it's both hilarious and a pretty appropriate portrait of a modern-day father-daughter relationship. So obviously, we love it.


The beauty blogger's name is Megan Mitchell and her channel is called "meggs and bacon." Her dad, though unnamed, is quite a character. This is how we know:

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Tell us the truth: Will you be saying "dab dab dab dab dab" every day when you do your own makeup from now on? Yeah. Thought so.

Everything -- from the elf tears and the "two faced" (for when you don't have enough face) to, of course, the dabbing -- is genius, and we'd fully support this dad narrating all blogger tutorials from now to the end of time. That should keep him busy.

It's probably also worth talking about how much his dad-ness comes out -- the "I don't like the eyebrows I was given" and the "Naked? Excuse me?" and the "This was a very expensive pallet and I only use a couple of them, don't tell my dad" are all perfect, and this kind of good-natured ribbing is exactly what we want from all dads, always.

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On a more serious note, though, we love seeing dads (and parents in general) get involved with their kids' passions. It can be hard, but if this fam can figure out a way to do it, we have hope that we can, too.

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