Wife 'Adopts' Coyote to Prank Husband & Their Texts Are #RelationshipGoals

Kayla Eby/Facebook

Since its creation, Photoshop has done a lot of good for this world. But the best thing it's maybe ever done is allow one mom to trick her husband into thinking she adopted a coyote and parked it on the couch next to their toddler-aged son. Her husband, of course, freaked out, and the entire conversation is documented on Facebook for us to enjoy. It's one of those time we're just thankful for the Internet, you know?


It was a prank for pranking's sake, and it was a good one: Kayla Eby used a snap of her son on the couch and called in a friend to Photoshop a curled-up coyote next to him. Then she texted that photo to her husband. And he, well ... he freaked.

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Kayla's prank and her husband's reaction (and their "pet coyote") have gone pretty viral. Clearly, people can relate:

The entire conversation (which you really, really should read in full) is, um, something. It sounds like an exchange that could go on in our own messages, but that, of course, is half the fun. 

The other half of the fun is how long it takes the husband to catch on. Kayla literally has to say "It was Photoshop" before he gets that it was Photoshop. And that there was no coyote in their house. Then he says, "I f---ing hate you." Which, yep, sounds right. Who says marriage isn't fun?

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Also, who's saying coyotes aren't cute? That little guy is adorable and totally getting along with the toddler in the fake photo. We sorta want a pet coyote now. Is that so wrong?

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