12 Nonprofits to Support if You Want to Help Moms

Caroline Olney | Nov 29, 2016 Good News
12 Nonprofits to Support if You Want to Help Moms
Image: Tatiana Chekryzhova/Shutterstock

Tatiana Chekryzhova/Shutterstock

Even when the whole universe is on your side and you have a partner and doting parents and a house and a car and money for the good breast pump, being a mother is hard. When you're missing even one of those things, parenting gets exponentially more difficult, which is where this whole idea of moms as superwomen comes from. But even supermoms need help. Luckily, there are some really, really good nonprofits out there designed to give moms the help they need.

Here are 12 certified and, if applicable, highly rated charitable organizations that benefit mothers, whether directly or indirectly, through their work. They can give moms the leg up they may need, and at the end of the day, that benefits communities as a whole, and, really, all of us.

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