12 Hella Cool Gifts That Were on Every Kid's Holiday Wish List in the '00s

Image: Mattel

Diza Starz toys from the Aughts

For those who celebrate Christmas, it's not too hard to remember a time when the best part of the holiday was baking cookies for Santa Claus, the thrill factor of making ol' St. Nick's "nice" list, and, most of all, writing your own damn list -- a massive catalog of everything you wanted, hopefully leaving no room (or money) for your mom to purchase bright-striped turtlenecks and new pajama sets. (It's worth mentioning that the adult me sings a totally different tune on those turtlenecks now.) 


Being raised in the late '90s/early aughts afforded me the best of both worlds when it came to the content of those lists. I knew the coolness of techy toys, but also the simple joys of a slinky and Barbie -- something the younger generation knows nothing about.

My generation -- millennials -- were the tuning point that drove children from toys to technology. Seriously. Since you probably want to show your kids these coveted items (and get a fix of nostalgia while doing it), here are 12 "toys" from the aughts and likely from one of your many holiday lists ... once upon a time. 

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