12 Hella Cool Gifts That Were on Every Kid's Holiday Wish List in the '00s

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12 Hella Cool Gifts That Were on Every Kid's Holiday Wish List in the '00s
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Diza Starz toys from the Aughts

For those who celebrate Christmas, it's not too hard to remember a time when the best part of the holiday was baking cookies for Santa Claus, the thrill factor of making ol' St. Nick's "nice" list, and, most of all, writing your own damn list -- a massive catalog of everything you wanted, hopefully leaving no room (or money) for your mom to purchase bright-striped turtlenecks and new pajama sets. (It's worth mentioning that the adult me sings a totally different tune on those turtlenecks now.) 

Being raised in the late '90s/early aughts afforded me the best of both worlds when it came to the content of those lists. I knew the coolness of techy toys, but also the simple joys of a slinky and Barbie -- something the younger generation knows nothing about.

My generation -- millennials -- were the tuning point that drove children from toys to technology. Seriously. Since you probably want to show your kids these coveted items (and get a fix of nostalgia while doing it), here are 12 "toys" from the aughts and likely from one of your many holiday lists ... once upon a time. 

  • Diva Starz


    Looking back, Diva Starz had to be the single most pointless dolls around. Their heads were big enough for you to do their hair, you could change her outfit with pop-on/pop-off clothes, and each doll had cute phrases to say based on her style. But overall they served little to no purpose, and that probably has a lot to do with why they don't exist anymore. Still, in 2000, not many holiday lists were complete without them.

  • Play Along Britney Spears Doll


    I will forever be obsessed with Britney, so obviously I had to put this "Play Along" Britney Spears ... Baby One More Time doll on my list in the early aughts (although, to be fair, I also asked for the Christina Aguilera one). Looks like a normal Pop Icon Barbie, yes? But, it's not! It's so much more -- these dolls allowed you to put a chip in some your favorite artists' backs to make them sing whatever song they were dressed for. For all those times you wanted Barbie and Skipper to attend a concert, ya know?

  • Tiger Hit Clips


    Hit clips! F*cking hit clips, man. I loved these things, but it was before the era of iPods, so I clearly didn't know better. This little device was a key chain with headphones that allowed you to buy new "clips" (or individual songs) from your favorite artist to play -- over and over again. Of course, you had to borrow from a friend (or sister) if you wanted to hear something new without actually buying it. 

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  • Nintendo Gamecube


    I was never much of a gamer, outside of the Sims, but this Gamecube seemed to be on every kid's hoiliday list when it was released. As if OG Nintendo Super Mario Bros. wasn't enough, this new game system put out a boatload of twists on the old fave.

  • Robo-Chi Pets


    Sadly, an interactive Robo-Chi Pet was on my list for two years and I never got one. He barked and stiffly rocked back and forth. Since I lived in an apartment in my younger years, I was strangely satisfied with the idea of having a digitized dog -- as the real one wasn't a possibility (even after we moved into a house) until my younger siblings asked for one and I no longer lived at home. Sigh.

  • Game Boy Advance


    While they still make Game Boy, you're gonna have to work overtime to find the more vintage version -- the Game Boy Advance. Whether you were a gamer or not, this was on your list if for no other reason than it made painful shopping ventures as a kid less painful. And, while this sounds weird, the fact that it was AA battery-operated meant you'd always be juiced up and ready to play all the good stuff -- like Mario or Sonic -- even if you weren't near an outlet.

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  • Charmed: The Source


    Since I loved the WB show Charmed, I wish I had known more about this when I was younger. The board game allowed you to pick a player (Piper, Phoebe, or Paige) and try to beat the source, a prominent evil figure in the show, through a series of scenario cards and forward movements. See, not all hit toys from the aughts were techy!

  • My Scene Doll


    My Scene Dolls were simply fashionable, glamorous dolls with slightly bigger heads than your average Barbie's. They wore mini skirts, metallic makeup, and crop tops. I'm pretty sure I loved them for the those reasons given that, until I became an adult, crop tops were never allowed to be worn alone. So, basically, I lived vicariously through dolls. But, then again, who didn't?

  • Super Scooter Shannen Doll


    Scooter Shannen was the "girl" version of a remote control car, but instead of four wheels, she had two -- and she was decked out in a hot pink hue. Shannen also skateboarded back in the day, but I wasn't there for all of that. Scooters were much more relatable at the time. (Razor, anyone?)

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  • Video Now


    This VideoNow players are another understandably extinct gadget. I believe they came out around the same time that portable DVD players really started to take off, making them automatically popular -- especially with that tiny screen (that wasn't even initially in color). They allowed you to watch some of your favorite shows and music videos (similar to the Hit Clip but for TV) and simply had more appeal to a child (maybe for just a moment) because of their cute colors. 

  • iPod Mini (The Original Model)


    Ohhh. My God. I'd do anything to have my pink mini back now. I don't have to tell you that iPods are still available, but they don't look at all like this one (goodbye wheel, hello touch screen). Sure the goal with technology seems to be to get everything sleeker and sleeker with each new year, but I miss this generation of iPods.

  • Polaroid i-Zone Camera


    The i-Zone camera was the ultimate '00s reboot of the Polaroid. Before this came out, I used to tote my mom's thick old Polaroid around (yes, even as a second grader), but this one was pocket-sized and could use "sticky film," allowing you to "post" your instant pictures anywhere, like your locker or notebook. Regardless of the fact that I didn't yet have a locker to plaster these on, I begged for this camera.  

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