Dad Sends Ex-Wife an Unexpectedly Amazing Gift on the Day of Their Divorce

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Given all the recent tension and turmoil in our world, it has become easy to question whether or not there's still good left in humanity. But thankfully we have people like Jason Lynn who prove that there is. This Texas dad sent the sweetest message and flowers to his ex-wife the day their divorce was finalized and proves love still prevails, even in the darkest of times.


Morgan Lynn is so lucky to have awesome parents who are finding ways to navigate such a difficult transition. The 17-year-old took to Twitter, where she shared this photo of mom Jennifer Lynn's gorgeous bouquet and heartwarming note.

Though Jennifer and Jason's near-20-year marriage has come to an end, as Dad writes, it's "Always Gonna Be You."

Aww, what a touching gesture!

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As Morgan explains, her dad sent his former wife flowers whenever she was having a bad day -- making his recent delivery of blooms even more moving as they came on the day their marriage officially ended.

And if that doesn't make you believe in the unconditional love you read in Nicholas Sparks novels, Jason purposely chose "Always Gonna Be You," a Kenny Chesney song that brings their love and years together full circle. (The ex-couple, in fact, danced to another song by the country singer at their wedding.)

Does anyone else have something in their eyes? I suddenly am starting to get all teary.

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As the child of divorced parents, I feel like this warms my heart to no end. While I can thankfully say my parents found a way to co-parent in such an amazing way, that's not always the case for many families.

Jason's act of kindness went above and beyond and is such a reminder that selflessness, compassion, and thinking of others can truly go a long way. It also shows Morgan that just because you don't get your happily ever after with the person you thought was Prince Charming does not mean he wasn't a good catch.

Thank you, Jason, for reaffirming the importance of thinking of others and their feelings. I'm sure this sweet gesture made Jennifer's day, as it certainly made mine.

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