15 Pep Talks Michelle Obama Knows You & Your Kids Need RN

Anne Meadows | Nov 23, 2016 Good News

Debby Wong/Shutterstock.com

No matter what your political leanings are, all parents can agree that they live their lives striving to set a good example for their children. We try to be kind but tough. We strive to be supportive and uplifting, and to empower our kids to make their own decisions, guided by principles we have instilled in them.  

And we can't even imagine the challenge it must be to raise children in the (inter)national spotlight. But somehow Michelle Obama has done that -- flawlessly -- and manages to find a way to draw from her strength of character to inspire us time and again with wisdom, humility, and encouragement in the way only a mother can.

Parenting in today's world isn't easy -- but we can make a real difference (in both our kids' lives and our own) by taking these 15 universal lessons from our reigning FLOTUS to heart, one pep talk at a time.

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