This Miracle Baby Was 'Born Twice' (Yes, Twice!) Thanks to Life-Saving Surgery

lynlee boemerEvery birth is a miracle, but some are particularly miraculous -- like the birth of Lynlee Boemer. That's because when she was born in June, it was technically her second birth: The now 4-month-old made a partial debut back when her mom, Margaret Boemer, was just 24 weeks pregnant, and doctors performed an emergency life-saving surgery on Lynlee ... without fully taking her out of her mom's body!


Margaret was still months away from her due date when doctors discovered that Lynlee had developed a sacrococcygeal teratoma at the base of her spine, a rare tumor seen in just one out of 30,000 to 70,000 live births. In half of these cases, the growth doesn't hurt the baby.

Unfortunately, Lynlee's case was different -- the tumor was growing as big as she was, taking blood away from her body and putting a strain on her heart. In fact, as Dr. Darrell Cass, pediatric surgeon and codirector of Texas Children's Fetal Center, told Today, Lynlee's heart was in danger of failing. So in March, Cass and another pediatric surgeon operated on the tumor -- but this was no ordinary operation, considering that the patient was still in utero

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Seriously, the details of how these doctors saved Lynlee's life are nothing short of astonishing: After making an incision in Boemer’s uterus, they pulled Lynlee out from her legs, leaving the top half of her one-pound (!) body still inside her mother, and went on to remove the tumor. 

Un-believable! And, terrifying. Lynlee's heart was apparently close to stopping at one point, but thankfully the surgeons (with the help of a cardiologist) were able to resuscitate the baby and put her back inside, where she stayed until her birth via C-section at 36 weeks. 

Jaw on the floor much? Yup. And just wait until you see the footage of the operation (and the ultrasound of the tumor!):

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That's pretty much the definition of "particularly miraculous," right? Not to mention "medical miracle." I can't imagine how scary this experience must have been for Lynlee's parents -- honestly, it was probably a little bit scary for the surgeons, too! But the fact that they were able to pull off this operation successfully just proves that with good doctors, practically anything is possible -- and that even when the diagnosis seems dire, that doesn't always mean all hope is lost. After beating such crazy odds to make it here, Lynlee will likely go on to do amazing things with her life. 

Actually, she already has!


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