Mom Who Delivered Baby in Walmart Gets Another Unexpected Surprise

Diaper cake shower for mom gave birth walmart
While some moms choose to give birth in the sterile confines of a hospital room, others prefer the familiarity of a home birth. Wherever you decide to welcome your newborn, chances are it almost never includes the location where this mom greeted her son. While in the middle of paying for her items, an expectant mom gave birth in Walmart. Employees rushed to help surprised shopper Cecilia Rivas, and what they did later was even more thoughtful.


The crew at Walmart in Payson, Utah, surprised the new mom and her baby, Matias, with a shower, providing her with a stroller, a pack-n-play, baby outfits, and stacks of wipes and diapers.

Manager Dustin Haight told Fox13, "Today we get to meet the bundle of joy that was born in our store, and we're going to present him and his mother with some birthday presents. We wanted to give her a little bit of peace of mind, at least for a week or two in the process."

So thoughtful!

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An employee who translated for the new mama said she was grateful for the kindness of the store's employees and for the gifts they bestowed on her and her baby.

This is the kind of heartwarming story that's great to hear in the midst of an otherwise ultra-depressing news cycle, right?

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We can't imagine how scary this must've been for this woman, but it's wonderful to hear that everyone stepped up to help her bring her son into the world safely.

If her water broke just a little later she might have been alone in her car, which could've had a much less positive outcome for mom and baby.

These employees really deserve a round of applause for going above and beyond to shower the new mom with gifts. In addition to her new loot, Rivas and little Matias will certainly have an interesting story to tell for the rest of their lives. 


Image via Tomas Mikl/shutterstock

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