This Community Is Fighting Homelessness With Homes -- & We Need More of This

Cass Community Tiny Houses in Detroit

It has become too easy in life to ask what we can do for the greater good without actually putting our thoughts into action. So thankfully, we have amazing organizations like Cass Community Social Services in Michigan, who are, in this case, giving disadvantaged individuals in Detroit the chance to live the American dream. Its Cass tiny homes rent-to-own community is the first of its kind and one that could become a blueprint for communities across the country that give people who live below the poverty line the fresh start they deserve.


Cass's new initiative is simple in concept: to equip the homeless and low-income individuals with a pathway to home-ownership -- a reality that is often not available in similar communities across the country.

Faith Fowler, a Detroit reverend and executive director at Cass, pointed out to Business Insider:

Everybody is talking right now about ending homelessness, but really the goal for this project is to end poverty for these families .... You have something to leave on generationally in your family, which is part of the American Dream.

Sounds pretty awesome, right?

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Tenants who qualify to live in a tiny home will have the opportunity to sign a lease for a period of time and pay rent (not to exceed one-third of the tenant's monthly income). After a few years have passed, and occupants have shown compliance to the terms of their lease -- including taking mandatory monthly classes about finance and becoming a homeowner -- Cass Community will invite its tenants to sign a land contract that will let them become legal owners of their home and property.

Cass Community Tiny Houses in Detroit

The first of 25 planned homes have been completed and are currently being prepped for occupancy. What's awesome about these homes -- aside from the fact they'll likely help end poverty -- is that each will feature a unique design to give tenants a sense of pride and individuality.

Cass Community Tiny Houses in Detroit


This is such an amazing project that has the potential to see astounding results.

Homelessness is a serious problem in the US. And with an estimated 48 million people living in poverty, we need organizations -- like Cass Community Social Services -- that can help provide wonderful opportunities like home-ownership to individuals who are burdened by the realities of housing costs -- and by the costs of everyday living, for that matter.

Research has shown that providing homeless individuals with homes is the best way to combat homelessness, and Cass is doing just that.

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As someone who has experienced housing insecurity growing up firsthand (my mother, younger sister, and I often shuffled between family members' houses), it brings tears to my eyes to see projects, like this tiny homes neighborhood, come to life. It'll be such an empowering resource for people down on their luck and struggling to keep their dreams of home-ownership alive.

This is a wonderful opportunity that continues to prove there are still good people in this world who can come together to make a difference and help others realize their dreams.

Because, as Cass Community Social Services believes, the best way to fight poverty is to provide opportunity -- which is so incredibly true.


Images via Cass Community Social Services

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