Sick of All This Election Stress? 15 Reasons to Feel Happy RN

Eve Vawter | Oct 19, 2016 Good News
Sick of All This Election Stress? 15 Reasons to Feel Happy RN

woman with fall thingsNo matter which political party you belong to or which candidate you plan on voting for, I think we can all agree that this political season has been particularly exhausting. We have been subjected to everything from groping scandals and email scandals to Cuban heel scandals and that totally bizarre (and offensive) thing Dr. Ben Carson said about transgendered people, and now I need a nap. 

Which is fine, because naps are awesome! And you know what else would make you feel better before, during, and after the presidential election? These 15 glorious things. 


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  • 'Black Mirror' Is Back for Season 3


    The only thing that will make you feel better about our current dystopian society is watching six brand-new episodes (streaming on Netflix starting October 21) of a future dystopian society where technology and social media are just slightly more menacing than what you encounter on a daily basis. 

  • It's Finally Sweater Weather!


    Nothing is cozier than wrapping yourself up in your favorite sweater. And -- bonus -- a cozy sweater can hide any extra pounds you've gained from all that election-related stress eating! 

  • 'The Walking Dead' Comes Back to Life


    Hunky psychopaths fighting the walkers are way more fascinating than political zombies -- and we will finally get to find out who Negan takes Lucille to in the season premiere on Sunday, October 23, on AMC. I really hope it's somebody boring like Rosita! 

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  • It's Halloween Candy Season!


    No one can argue with a bowl of Halloween candy, except if someone tries to steal all the chocolate and leaves you with a pile of gross candy corn. Bonus, you can totally pair your favorite wine with your Halloween candy (even the candy corn).

  • Cuddling Is Just Better in the Fall


    If the election has you all stressed out, you just need to get all cozy and cuddle with a human or animal you love. The best part is that since it's no longer a gazillion degrees outside, you don't have to sweaty cuddle. Score!

  • It's Football Time!


    Do you know what is less contentious than arguing about politics? Arguing about your favorite football team! Plus, football usually means beer and nachos, and I don't see anyone busting out a big plate of delicious nachos to watch this political soap opera pan out. 

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  • It's Not Too Early to Start Holiday Shopping


    If you are super stressed about the election, just harness that angst into picking out awesome gifts for your friends and family. You will be doing your part for America by bolstering the economy, and picking out presents for people always makes you feel better.

  • 'Hamilton' Is on Tour


    Starting in San Francisco in March, those of us unable to catch the stage show in NYC will get our chance as the 11 Tony Award–winning musical comes to a city near you. It's bound to be a lot more uplifting and entertaining than what we see on the news every night. 

  • Fewer Fights at Your Thanksgiving Table (Maybe)


    Because the election results will already be in, and we'll all just be tired of arguing, there will (hopefully) be fewer dumb arguments at your Thanksgiving table to ruin your meal. Unless you invite your weird uncle who complains about everything because no matter who wins he will still find something to get mad about.

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  • Pumpkin Spice Lattes All Day Errrryday


    Grab a friend and a pumpkin-spiced anything -- or your other yummy warm beverage of choice -- and you can take turns guessing which political candidate reminds you of a pumpkin! There's nothing like filling that dark election-season desperation with the warm fuzzy flavor of fall.

  • Leaf Piles!


    If you want to work off some election stress, may I suggest raking up all your leaves and grabbing your favorite kid or nearby dog and jumping in them? Leaf piles in the fall are the very best. Just ignore the orange color if it reminds you of a certain candidate.

  • Just Read a Good Book


    You can't beat curling up with a good book, especially when the weather is cold outside. And there are so many new fall releases to look forward to, including Scrappy Little Nobody by Anna Kendrick that drops just in time for your holiday gifting on November 29.

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  • 'The Fall' Returns to Netflix


    Almost as disturbing as this election season is this BBC series, which stars a very non–Christian Grey Jamie Dornan. Cuddle up with someone you love and binge watch the first two seasons before the next one premieres on October 29. 

  • It's Almost Daylight Savings Time!


    Getting an extra hour of sleep in your cozy, warm bed will totally help with any election-related stress. Daylight savings time starts on November 6, so you will have two whole days of extra sleep before election results are in! 

  • 'Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life' -- Finally!


    If the residents of Stars Hollow can't make you feel better about this political climate, than nothing will. Gilmore Girls: A Year in The Life premieres on Netflix on November 25, and we're already casting all our ballots for Rory and Lorelai bringing America together.

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