15 Halloween Costumes That Give Us Major Nostalgia (but Our Kids Just Won't Understand)

barbie mask costume

Kids today might have iPads and Xboxes, but here's one experience they'll be sadly deprived of this Halloween: the glory of wearing a scratchy plastic costume straight out of a cardboard box and complete with a vision-obscuring mask held on by a skin-snapping, hair-pulling rubber band ... or that incredibly, uncool homemade getup -- made by Mom herself -- that definitely wasn't even remotely Pinterest-worthy. Not even a little bit. 

That's right, trick-or-treating might not have been an incredibly fancy affair back in the days before every town had a gigantic party-supply store stocked with costumes that weren't made out of disposable tablecloth material, but we loved our dress-up looks all the same -- even though almost everybody we knew was wearing almost the exact (or, you know, the actual exact) same costume.

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All that said, we're feeling such hardcore nostalgia for our childhood Halloween gear that we'd happily dress up in adult-sized versions -- or better yet, force our kids to wear the real things (if only we could find them or a perfect DIY tutorial)! So what if we could always see what everyone was wearing underneath those plastic, tie-back costumes? And so what if kids today don't know who She-Ra is? (She's the Princess of Power, FYI.) Grab a pumpkin bucket -- it's time for a trip down retro road!

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