Bus Driver Who Saved 20 Kids From Huge Fire Is a Hero -- & Of Course, a Mom

When you shepherd your kids onto the bus every morning, you are, essentially, putting their lives in the hands of the bus driver. Still, it's pretty easy to not think about that too closely until, say, the bus catches on fire with 20 elementary school children on it. But if your bus driver is Reneita Smith of College Park, Maryland, your kids will be just fine. Because she is a mom, bus driver, and literal superwoman who escorted 20 kids one by one off a burning bus and into safety. And no one was hurt.


Smith was on her afternoon route when one of the rear wheels of the bus caught fire, leading to the blaze. Here's the fire department's dashboard cam footage of what the bus looked like (after all the kids were off, thank God):

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According to Fazlul Kabir, a City of College Park council member, Smith walked each kid off the bus one by one, then went back into the burning bus to make sure everyone was out. "I am a mom of two kids," Smith told Kabir. "It's my job to save them."

Here's Kabir's full Facebook post:

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Honestly, we're not even sure that thank you is big enough. Build this woman a statue or, like, a monument. A story about a school bus burning to pieces with 20 schoolchildren inside of it should not have a happy ending, but Reneita Smith made sure it did. 

We always wonder how we'd react in situations like this, and we can only hope it'd be with a fraction of the calmness and bravery Reneita had. She's a hero, and those kids are lucky they had her.


Image via Mark Brady/YouTube

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