Watch 6-Year-Old Superwoman Stand Up to a Robber & Try Not to Sob Tears of Love

When six masked gunmen went to rob a family shop in Auckland, New Zealand, we're fairly certain they didn't expect a 6-year-old girl to get in their way. But they messed with the wrong little girl: When Sarah Patel saw her friends and family being attacked, her instincts kicked in. She stepped in to stop it.


CCTV footage from the incident shows the robbers standing over one of the shop's employees with an axe. Sarah runs up to get between them, then helps her grandfather to safety a minute or so later. 

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Sarah later told the New Zealand Herald that said she was "trying to save" them and that "she wasn't scared." She just knew that hitting was bad, and that she wanted to stop it.

What an amazing little girl. Check out the incredible footage of the incident.

As the mother of an almost-6-year-old girl myself, I have to say that there is something special about the fierce bravery of our little girls. They care about justice, doing the right thing, and protecting the people they love.

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One time, a relative visiting our house yelled at my daughter's dog. My daughter wasn't having any of it. She puffed up her little chest and stood in front of her dog as her protector. Girls that age have no filter and no apologies. And it's magnificent.

When does it all change? Puberty, of course. A study from 1991 found that 9-years-old girls are confident and assertive. By high school it's a whole different story, according to the New York Times:

"... When elementary school boys were asked how often they felt 'happy the way I am,' 67 percent answered 'always.' By high school, 46 percent still felt that way. But with girls, the figures dropped from 60 percent to 29 percent."

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The question, then, is this: How do we help our girls hold on to their bravery and belief they can stop all the bad guys all by themselves? How do we help Sarah Patel remember she's a real-life superhero throughout her teens?

Sarah's dad, Suhail Patel, is doing his part to show his daughter how amazing her act of heroism was, and that seems like a perfect place to start.

"Last night she was very upset," he told TVNZ. "Was in shock. We've been trying to say to her 'You're the bravest girl,' that sort of thing."

As for the criminals who broke into the Patels' shop, five out of six suspects are in custody following a long car chase with police -- as well as with the Patels in their family car. Guess bravery runs in the family.

Someone buy that girl an ice cream.


Image via Storyful News/YouTube

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