Girl's Rescue After the Earthquake in Italy Is the Miracle We Needed to See Today

Whenever a horrible tragedy occurs -- and this year, there have been far too many -- there are always at least some miracles to find in the midst of all the chaos. The recent, devastating earthquake in central Italy was no different, and this time our miracle is a viral video of one young girl's dramatic rescue from the rubble. While at least 250 people lost their lives in the 6.2 magnitude quake (and over 360 others have been reported injured), 10-year-old Giulia was one of the lucky survivors.


Not that her ordeal was easy in any way, of course. Giulia was pulled from the rubble 17 hours after the quake -- 17 hours! Can you imagine being trapped like that for almost an entire day as a child, having no idea if you were going to live or die? She must have been beyond terrified! Be warned, the moment when Giulia is freed (to the cheers and applause of the crowd) is an extremely emotional one:

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Absolutely amazing! And incredibly fortunate, considering the aftershocks that have been hampering aid workers' efforts, blocking roads, and adding to the mountains of debris. While waiting for heavy lifting equipment to reach some of the more isolated villages, people have resorted to using hand tools to dig through the ruins, desperately hoping to free any potential survivors in a race against time (officials say the odds of finding anyone alive under the rubble after 72 hours are slim). Entire towns, such as the popular tourist destination Amatrice, have been completely destroyed. It's truly nightmarish to contemplate.

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And of course, none of us living on this planet are in any way immune to this kind of disaster. Which is why we owe it to our fellow human beings to help out in any way we can. If you have the means to send relief, you can donate directly to the Italian Red Cross or Save the Children. The National Italian American Foundation is accepting donations as well. 

Here's hoping the victims of this quake get all the help they need! 


Image via Metro News/YouTube

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