This Group Is Trying to Make Flood Victims Feel Human -- Tampons & Pads Included

Simply the Basics Facebook post

While men would have you believe that tampons and pads are merely luxuries, I and any other woman who's been forced to sit in what feels like a pool of blood for one reason or another knows that this is complete bullsh*t. This fact is made especially obvious to women who are forced to do so regularly -- women who seek shelter -- currently and largely the women impacted by the flood in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.


With 11,000 people forced into shelters, there weren't any stories of anyone serving as relief to the many women who are (naturally) bound to need sanitary products such as pads and tampons -- that is, until San Francisco–based "hygiene bank" Simply the Basics stepped up to the plate with a donation drive for the ladies of Louisiana.  

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While a Kotex pad certainly won't help the flooding, it will help the victims. The kit the organization is creating has taken into account all the needs of the women by reaching out to the local groups to find out exactly what it is that they need. This includes pads and tampons, as well as deodorant and other everyday essentials. 

The organization is only asking for $10 donations to provide a kit to an individual (more to provide kits to a whole family). And, from what we can tell, it seems that, through the kits, the organization is genuinely doing what it says it sets out to do on its site:

Simply the Basics empowers people to define for themselves their greatest needs with dignity so that they have the opportunity to focus on other life goals. We ensure that the needs of people experiencing homelessness are met and we relieve our Partner Organizations of the operational challenges of securing and managing donations. We improve the health and wellbeing of the community and allow organizations to turn their time and focus back to their clients.

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The mission and drive to step up to fill a void in communities everywhere is beyond awesome, as it continues to shed light on the fact that these products -- especially pads and tampons -- are essential to the longevity and health of women everywhere. 

No matter what people's circumstances are or where they are, it's nothing short of dehumanizing to deny any human being proper sanitation. As Simply the Basics and other women's groups with similar goals continue to provide a service to women everywhere, we will continue to strive for change alongside them.  

Until that change comes though, we'll keep Baton Rouge in our thoughts and hearts with great hope that they get everything that they need. 


Image via Simply the Basics/Facebook

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