Camp Gets Feminism Right by Training Girls to Become Future Firefighters

Chesapeake Camp Fury

I spent many summers at camp -- whether it was day camp or sleep-away camp. And there were many activities going on, but none of them were career-oriented. In truth, it was like a totally fun version of school (i.e., no math or science. Eck!). There was lunch time, gym time, and "art" class -- which was perfectly fine with me, but nothing like what a group of young girls have gotten to experience in Hampton, Virginia, at Camp Fury -- a camp that, according to ABC, "gives girls in middle and high school the skills they'll need to become firefighters one day."


The five-day camp -- held by the Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast in partnership with Hampton Fire Rescue -- allows the girls to earn CPR certification and a Girl Scout Safety Award. 

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Camp Fury has been offered in Hampton for two years and began eight years ago in Tuscon, Arizona. Now the hope is to expand the camp -- and make it free of charge for as many girls as possible. 

And while you may be imagining riding around on firetrucks and team-building activities made for little kids, this camp is the real deal. It's team building that serves to grow. But, beyond the team-building dynamic, there's no better way to show young girls that the sky is the limit than to allow them to be hands-on. That's how we discover our passion for anything in life -- being hands-on -- and it usually happens at a younger age. So, I think it's perfect.

Besides, it's a major bonus that it teaches young girls that there's no such thing as gender roles when it comes to achieving all that you wish for in life. And that was one of the goals in mind, as Kaitlin Smith, public relations manager with Girl Scouts of the Colonial Coast, told ABC: "I hope that by exposing these girls to nontraditional careers for women, their minds aren't limited to what careers they think they should go into."

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There are many of us who know that -- woman or not -- you can be whatever it is that you want in life, but we can only hope that Camp Fury continues to succeed in teaching so many more young girls that. We need more women willing to step outside of what it is that they think they're supposed to do, and I think that this camp will give us just that. 


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