10-Year-Old Mows Lawns to Pay for School Supplies & It's the Absolute Sweetest

Tyran Bell in North Carolina

Summer's almost over and it's nearly time for kids to head back to school. Although that in itself isn't all that exciting for them, the mere thought of back-to-school shopping will bring a smile to their faces. Sure, the supply list requires notebooks and pencils, but there's also picking your "new year, new you" swag -- from your backpack and lunch box to your fresh new illustrated folders. Yet for North Carolina 10-year-old Tyran Bell, this excitement was seemingly more difficult to come by given that his mother has been struggling financially. That's why he hijacked his mom Tara Lewis's Facebook account and posted an offer to mow lawns to pay for school supplies on his town's page.


Bell shared with the WECT news station that his mom hasn't been able to work as much since she's been taking care of his sick uncle. So he decided, "She won't have to buy me and my brother's school supplies and I will just buy that ... She could just worry about paying the bills and helping my uncle out." 

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The entire community took notice -- especially Theresa Babb, who saw exactly what we saw: "just an amazing kid," as she told the local news station. She then promptly decided to begin a donation drive for Tyran and his brother.  

Now, thanks to the drive, both Tyran and his brother are more than set for the school yea -- and Tyran's decided to pay it forward and give any excess of school supplies to other families who are in need. 

Certainly no one could anticipate that a child's Facebook post would get this much attention -- not even his mother, who told ABC News, "I think it was very sweet. Tyran is a good boy. We never thought it would have gotten this big just by him wanting to help me out."

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Truthfully, I can't tell you which one breaks my heart more -- the fact that he's in a position where he deemed this necessary or the fact that he was thoughtful enough to consider easing the burden of his mother. 

I think as children we often see our parents struggle and we want to help carry the load, but we don't always know how to do so. As a child, I had a familiar sentiment being raised by a single mother. Some moms do their best to give you all that they never had -- but sometimes it's just not possible and you can emphatically feel their defeat at not being able to do more. Weirdly enough, despite your place as a child, you too feel defeated that you couldn't do more to help.

That's what makes this kid's ambition and initiative so astonishing. If this is the level of drive, determination, and consideration this boy has at only 10, I can't wait to see what he brings to the table 10 years from now.


Image via Tonia Deas Kiesel/Facebook

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