This Sanitary Pad Ad Features Blood & Totally Makes Us Feel Badass

Historically, periods are talked about like a weakness, and ads selling us related products feature a lot of ladies in white twirling through fields of daises. Of course, we don't really love either of these dialogues. We've always wanted something different. And finally, we have it: an ad selling sanitary pads that makes us feel totally badass. Because we kind of are, right?


The ad is called "Blood," and if that's making you nervous, it shouldn't. It's about how we don't let the blood that's spilled when we climb cliffs or dance in pointe shoes or battle in the boxing ring slow us down, so period blood shouldn't either.

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Here's the full video:

Are you ready to go tackle someone? Or like, brandish a sword on horseback? Or ride your bike up a snowy mountain? SAME. 

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It took until 1985 for period product commercials to even use the word "period" (and, surprisingly, we have Courteney Cox to thank), and it seems like ad agencies are still trying to catch up and make worlds and characters that look more like our own.

That means we want no more waifish women in white skirts, and yes, no more women curled on the couch, crying into ice cream. The reality is that most women function pretty normally while on their periods, and female athletes still kick ass during their "time of the month." Some women have it worse than others, of course. But usually? Usually we remain badass while menstruating, and we love seeing a commercial that finally celebrates that.

The ad is for a sanitary pad called Red.Fit by Bodyform, which sadly is UK based and not available in the US. But hopefully, the off-the-charts awesomeness of this spot will inspire the US to make some of its own.


Image via BodyformChannel/YouTube

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