Apple Ditches the Gun Emoji & Embraces Single-Parent Families Instead ... Finally

Water guns, in our opinion, are superior to normal shoot-bullets-to-kill guns in pretty much every single way. They are way more colorful and way more fun and you can make your kid brother look like he peed his pants, no matter how old or "mature" you both are. Thankfully, Apple is finally catching on: In the new emoji update coming this fall, they're replacing the pistol emoji with a water gun emoji, which means that the emoji world is one step closer to representing the ideal, gun-less world of our dreams. And that's not the only move they're making toward a perfect world.


If step one is ditching the guns, step two is officially anointing the LGBT rainbow flag to the position it deserves in the dark depths of the flag section. Finally, a world where we can stop wasting our characters on five different-colored hearts and just go with one flag instead! Perfect.

Step three is to give female options for your favorite career emojis -- lady construction workers, lady detectives, and lady athletes are now a reality. This is what equality looks like. We're just going to assume they're being paid equally in their fictional emoji world to give ourselves peace of mind.

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The fourth and final step is another biggie: single-parent families. Yes! The last round of emojis introduced gay families, and that was amazing, but our perfect world loves and respects all types of families, so we always need more options. 

It's heartening that Apple and the emoji creators are taking this stuff seriously -- yes, we'd love a glass of rosé emoji or, like, a cat that looks a little more like our own. We'd also like a search function. But at the end of the day, the stuff they're giving us is the stuff that matters, and we're glad they're looking out for us.

And it does matter. The pistol emoji in particular has gotten a lot of people in trouble -- in France, sending it legally counts as a death threat (just ask the dude who got six months in prison for sending it to his ex), and a teen in Brooklyn was arrested for posting the gun emoji next to the cop emoji on Facebook.

Yes, people are still going to use the water gun in the same way, and we'll all know what it means. But it's less threatening and less charged, and maybe people will get so obsessed with their water gun emojis that they'll forfeit their guns IRL, too. Maybe.

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We're not sure how the other stuff can be misconstrued, unless people try to threaten their spouses with divorce by texting a single-parent family emoji. (This is genius, by the way. Feel free to try it out and report back.) 

Maybe anti-LGBT lawmakers will get buried under tweets stuffed with 140 rainbow flags and quit their jobs. Feel free to try this one out, too. Let us know how it goes.

Apple rolls out these changes in fall 2016 with the release of iOS 10, but the beta is available now if you're itching to get started with your non-threatening threats. Still not sure if there will be an avocado (Apple says there are hundreds of other new emojis on the way in addition to the ones they've released a preview for), so we're not quite at emoji utopia yet. But we're getting close. And there's nothing to complain about in this round of updates so far (what a change!), so we're cool. And we kind of can't wait.


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