14 Dope Items From the '90s That Are Still 'All That' for Adults Today

lisa frank coloring bookThere's nothing like indulging in a little nostalgia to make you feel young again. And if the memories you're reliving involve totally awesome '90s gadgets, accessories, toys, and fashion, all the better -- because lots of the stuff you couldn't live without back then is making a comeback (and it turns out it's all just as cool now as it was then!).

Even better? Turns out some of your most indispensable belongings from back in the day are pretty useful to have around now that you're an adult, too. Check out our slideshow of iconic '90s items (and some holdovers from the '80s) that deserve a second look -- some of them might still be hiding in your closet! 


Image via lisa_frank/Instagram

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